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All that is needed for a Special Event

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There is a large event planned. It could be a wedding or a large corporate meeting. It is important to make sure everything is ready and set up properly. There will be a lot of planning involved. Maybe food will be laid on along with catering. So this will necessitate using tables and chairs. Table and Chair Hire in Perth are able to supply what is needed.


The event could be set up in a field, a large hall or even on the beach. There will be the need for an elegant but practical and robust tables for these occasions. Therefore, table and chair hire in Perth can supply banquet tables.

Banquet Table

The banquet table is 8 foot long or 2.4 meters, width 1.1 meters and height 0.76 meters. It can seat up to ten and has a hardwood finish on top. The folding legs are braced at each end. This would be very useful at, for example, a wedding.

Bridal Skirting

There could be an all important “head table” at the wedding where the bride and groom and immediate family and friends will be sitting in a line presiding over the wedding reception. To highlight the importance of this table, a bridal skirting could well be needed to cover the table.

This Bridal Skirting comes in 4.5-meter lengths in white, black, cream or ivory.

Oak Signing Table

This will be available soon. It could be used for formal occasions. The table is 120 cm in length, 50 cm width and 76 cm in height.

Square Table

For corporate and business events there might be the need for smaller tables where people can sit down This square table has enough space for both food and drinks. For business meetings there is room for any of the following: laptops, mobiles/cell phones, tablets and note paper.

The table is 0.9 meters square or 3′ x 3′. It can seat between 2 to 4 people. This table has either a Sebel lookalike stainless steel top or a white laminated top.

Wicker Coffee Table

This wicker coffee table can be used both indoors and outdoors for a variety of events. It is 81 cm in length, 70 cm in width and either 27 cm or 10 cm in height if a low coffee table is required.


There have to be chairs to go with the tables. Table and chair hire in Perth have the following on offer:

Napoleon Chairs

These chairs are in an antique style and would suit any formal event. They come in “ghost” white which helps the chairs to blend in with any surrounding or “ghost” clear where the chairs are designed not to intrude on any background decor or decorations.

Sofa 2.5 Seater

For a more informal get-together or event may require a number of sofas for guests to sit down and discuss matters. These come in black, cream, red or blue. The size is 180 cm length, 600 mm width, and 880 mm height.

Black or White Stools

These are useful durable stools that can be used for a variety of occasions.

There is also a variety of other items available for hire, for an event on a large scale. This covers everything from providing a marquee to supplying glassware.

Tips to Finding Event Venues With Personality

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When choosing function venues Healesville – Healsville RSL has to offer, you might be confused as to where and how to start. If you look on the internet, you will find a ton of tips and guides on how to go about choosing that perfect venue. You can skip the usual list of information you will find in party venues checklist. You need to look for a venue that has ‘personality’ to make it easier to host an eventful gathering. While you can always find a good decorator to amp up the venue, the venue itself can be critical to the success of your event.

Personality is what separates traditional engagement venues Yarra Valley has to offer with venues that truly stand out. After all, not all birthday party venues are the same. Below are some pointers to keep in mind when choosing function venues Healesville – Healsville RSL has today:

What is the Vibe of the Venue?

If you are hosting a corporate event or a birthday party, you need to inspect the venue and its location. What kind of vibe that it gives off? Is this the kind of vibe that you want for your event? Is this venue a hip spot? Or are you looking for an intimate setup for an equally intimate gathering? You need to be able to find a match for the kind of event that you wish to hold to that of the venue. This isn’t something that you can try to tweak by incorporating some decorations to the venue. The vibe of the venue either fits your event or not – there is no getting around it.

Know Your Guests

Aside from the type of event that you are hosting at a specific venue, you want to know your guests too. You need to sit down and analyze the demographic of your guests. What is the general demographic of your guests? Are they mostly in their mid-20s? Is this a senior crowd? Or, is it a crowd of business professionals?

Given the answers that you generate when you perform this analysis, you will come up with the information you can use to determine if the personality of the venue is a good fit for your guests. Business professionals will no doubt feel out of place when you host a venue in a hip spot, such as a nightclub or a bar. You need to find a perfect fit so that your guests will enjoy themselves more.

Branding or Theme

If you are a corporate organization hosting an event, you have to think about branding as an important factor when choosing an event venue. There are several function venues Healesville – Healsville RSL has today, but the real question is this: would you associate your brand with this kind of venue? What will your business partners and guests think of your brand by choosing this type of venue?

For a personal event, such as a birthday party, you have to look into your theme of choice. Make sure that the venue can cater to the type of event (formal, semi-formal or casual) and how the venue fits into that.

More info here:

Business Name: Function Venues Healesville - Healsville RSL
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Contact Name: Gary Slater
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Food Catering in Melbourne – A Largely Reputation Based Business

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Food catering is a highly professionally managed service, and perfection is expected from the catering contractors by their customers. The agencies specialising in food catering Melbourne wide go out of the way to make sure the events they undertake for catering are remembered for a long time. The highlight of these caterers is that they will be able to provide the whole range of menus for parties and events of any kind; from wedding lunch and dinner to corporate events, they are game.

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Parties and Events Need a Lot of Planning

If you are under the impression that catering food is just a question of preparing the food and serving it at the venue, you will have to revisit that opinion. If the caterer has accepted a contract to execute party food catering Melbourne based, there are quite a few things the caterer has to plan. The caterer has to visit the place where the function is to be held and then go back and draw up the complete plan for the event. Of course, it goes without mentioning that the menu and the number of guests likely to attend the event will have to be finalised and firmed up with the customer. Will it be a buffet or a ‘sit-down’ dinner or lunch? Does it include serving liquor? Once all these are provided, the planning becomes easier for the food catering Melbourne agency. The planning is needed to know what type and number of people will attend the event.

Area Coverage Should Also Matter

Many people in Melbourne would be keen to know if they can avail the services wherever they are located, especially in the suburbs. The services of catering Melbourne eastern suburbs wide are very much available to everyone. There are many food catering agencies, which offer their complete suite of services and one just needs to get in touch with them. Among the different themes under which party catering is done, the most popular ones are wedding catering. If you sat with the firm’s representative, you will be able to come up with many suggestions on the food to be served. Besides having the pre-set packages, they are generally flexible and work in a collaborative effort. You can get the best out of their overall capabilities.

Different Parties, Different Menus

In a city like Melbourne, people hold different types of gatherings and invite people for a nice treat. These vary from celebrating birthdays and wedding anniversaries to companies feting their employees on achievement of a milestone in corporate performance. Then there would be the weddings and engagements. The food catering Melbourne agency would have their finger food catering, menus for typical corporate catering, a street-food based theme menu and so on. These days, it is a fashion to select some of the dishes from the health point of view. So the caterers also add in their menus, gluten-free  dishes and even vegetarian items to attract people with such tastes and inclinations. It is the service that takes priority and to satisfy as large a range of communities as possible is the main aim of these companies. Food catering business is largely dependent on reputation, and these caterers in Melbourne live up to it. Check out Essential Caterer

Follow These Tips for Effective Party Planning

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Planning a party comes with challenges and hiring an event organizer can make the difference between a successful party and a floppy one. However, even before you think of experts in party catering Melbourne has to offer, you need a bit of preparation on your part as the host. The last thing you want to hear is a situation where your guests get less than what you expected. As the host, you need a well-planned event that will put a mark in the minds of your invited guests for a long while. Here are some tips you can follow to get the best results in a party regardless of the party theme.

Plan the Party Well in Advance

With support from specialists in party catering Melbourne has to offer, you can plan in advance to ensure that everything is in the right place before the big day kicks off. Early planning can help you take advantage of the party goods bargain. Visit second-hand stores, garage sales, and flea markets to find out what you can find affordable to suit your occasion. Keep your party notebook full with lists of important items that you should need for the settings and costumes. Besides, you need to know the number of guests and their contacts, in case you need to follow-up on something.

Party Entertainment

A party without entertainment is a dull one, and many of your guests will find it dry. To motivate and entertain your guests, you need to invite one person who is an extrovert and fun-loving. This person will work alongside the company you hire for catering services. Even with the most reliable company for catering Melbourne Eastern Suburbs has to offer, you still need someone to entertain your guests and keep the environment live.

Decide on How Much of Your Home will be Homemade

While you are free to hire professionals, you can also decide to make homemade decors that depict your chosen theme. It is possible to have a part of the event using a mix of homemade and ready-made decorations. It is important to know your party theme because it determines other little details such as the draping and other decorations. On the part of food, you can rely on party catering Melbourne professionals have to offer to make sure the food is perfect for the occasion.

Companies that offer party catering services in Melbourne should understand what their clients need and use their professional skills to fill that need. With their skills and experience in party catering, they understand various themes and are able to apply the right catering solutions to meet those needs. For instance, food preparation should involve a variety of dishes including vegetarian.

Hire a Reliable Service Provider

With a reliable company for party hiring in Melbourne, you can get as creative as you can. The important part is to involve a certified company for catering in Melbourne. The services of the experts will augment your efforts as an individual to ensure that you come up with a lively event.

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