Office Recycling in an Open Floor Setup

Did you know that it can be easier to implement office waste management programmes if you have an open-floor setup? For one, you can create a few stations with varied small recycling containers throughout the building instead of placing individual bins per cubicle.

But won’t it be more difficult to encourage staff to recycle and segregate their garbage if there are fewer receptacles available? Actually, it can be even more helpful.

small recycling containers

1. Encourage better habits.

Studies show that an open-plan office fosters engagement, and the same can be said for open-plan waste management stations with clear office recycling signs. Instead of lazy disposal habits, staff can take on a more collaborative approach to making sure they and the company are doing their part in saving the planet.

This is because, with rubbish bins clearly visible to everyone, there is a stronger sense of accountability and participation even when it’s a just the small act of throwing your used papers in the right container. It can also be easier for others to follow and adopt better habits when they see everyone else is also doing it.

2. Save on expenses and time.

When you have fewer waste containers, this also means fewer liners. Aside from that, cleaning can be easier and faster with fewer bins to collect and empty. All of these give the company savings on manpower and expenditures.

Plus, when you use beautifully designed small recycling containers like the ones from Ecobin, there is no need to hide them in cabinetry so you don’t have to spend for that anymore as well. You get to enjoy even more savings.

3. Make it easier to recycle.

One key factor to successful open-floor waste management is using garbage bins that are colour coded and bear clear signs what each receptacle is for. They must indicate if they are for paper recycling, food waste, and so on.

In addition, make sure to place them in areas that are easily visible and accessible. This can make it easier for employees to segregate and recycle their rubbish instead of just chucking everything into a container headed for the landfill.

4. Enjoy more flexibility.

Need to redesign your space and move stuff around? Or perhaps you are expanding or minimising and need to create a bigger or smaller floor plan? With open-floor office recycling, these sorts of adjustments won’t be a problem.

You can easily move and set up your small recycling containers at the new designated waste management stations and continue your sustainable disposal habits. This certainly beats having to pack and transfer hundreds or thousands of individual bins one at a time.

Use Your Open-Floor Setup to Its Full Potential

Make the most of your open-floor layout by ensuring you provide a complete employee experience. This includes factoring in the way desks are set up, the culture you grow, and even the food waste recycling Australia program you employ.

When you are able to encourage a more sustainable, collaborative, and enjoyable work environment, this translates to improved staff health and performance, not to mention a boost in company image and an increase in revenue.