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All that is needed for a Special Event

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There is a large event planned. It could be a wedding or a large corporate meeting. It is important to make sure everything is ready and set up properly. There will be a lot of planning involved. Maybe food will be laid on along with catering. So this will necessitate using tables and chairs. Table and Chair Hire in Perth are able to supply what is needed.


The event could be set up in a field, a large hall or even on the beach. There will be the need for an elegant but practical and robust tables for these occasions. Therefore, table and chair hire in Perth can supply banquet tables.

Banquet Table

The banquet table is 8 foot long or 2.4 meters, width 1.1 meters and height 0.76 meters. It can seat up to ten and has a hardwood finish on top. The folding legs are braced at each end. This would be very useful at, for example, a wedding.

Bridal Skirting

There could be an all important “head table” at the wedding where the bride and groom and immediate family and friends will be sitting in a line presiding over the wedding reception. To highlight the importance of this table, a bridal skirting could well be needed to cover the table.

This Bridal Skirting comes in 4.5-meter lengths in white, black, cream or ivory.

Oak Signing Table

This will be available soon. It could be used for formal occasions. The table is 120 cm in length, 50 cm width and 76 cm in height.

Square Table

For corporate and business events there might be the need for smaller tables where people can sit down This square table has enough space for both food and drinks. For business meetings there is room for any of the following: laptops, mobiles/cell phones, tablets and note paper.

The table is 0.9 meters square or 3′ x 3′. It can seat between 2 to 4 people. This table has either a Sebel lookalike stainless steel top or a white laminated top.

Wicker Coffee Table

This wicker coffee table can be used both indoors and outdoors for a variety of events. It is 81 cm in length, 70 cm in width and either 27 cm or 10 cm in height if a low coffee table is required.


There have to be chairs to go with the tables. Table and chair hire in Perth have the following on offer:

Napoleon Chairs

These chairs are in an antique style and would suit any formal event. They come in “ghost” white which helps the chairs to blend in with any surrounding or “ghost” clear where the chairs are designed not to intrude on any background decor or decorations.

Sofa 2.5 Seater

For a more informal get-together or event may require a number of sofas for guests to sit down and discuss matters. These come in black, cream, red or blue. The size is 180 cm length, 600 mm width, and 880 mm height.

Black or White Stools

These are useful durable stools that can be used for a variety of occasions.

There is also a variety of other items available for hire, for an event on a large scale. This covers everything from providing a marquee to supplying glassware.

Give a Blast to Your Party with Frozen Cocktail Machine

Party & Events

A party is supposed to be a fun occasion with family and friends. You will be spending time with people you care about or enjoy the company of. Hence, you go the extra mile to prepare delicious food and drinks for your guests to enjoy at this special gathering. Although delicious food is expected, offering them something different such as a frozen cocktail is a welcome surprise. Make sure you learn more about the services of a frozen cocktail machine hire Melbourne has to offer and why you need it for your next party.

Beverages are an important part of a function. Your guests will be sitting down to enjoy your food at one part of the party. But once dinner is over, you will spend the rest of the time mingling, enjoying some music, dancing along with your friends, or simply chatting with one another. And during these activities, you will need a drink in hand to accompany you. Hence, a cocktail machine is a must. This will guarantee that your guests will have a refreshing drink in hand for the entire celebration.

When you choose a frozen cocktail machine hire Melbourne offers today, the first thing you will have to consider is the selection of beverages to choose from. You have to decide first what type of party you are going to host. Then, you must consider your guests. Are there any children at the party? Depending on your answers, you will have to decide whether to choose a mix of alcoholic beverages (daiquiris or cocktails) or non-alcoholic drinks (Slushies or Slurpees). In some instances, even when you are hosting a party for adults, some guests might still be interested in trying non-alcoholic drinks so it is best to provide them with another option.

A cocktail machine Melbourne service will assist you in preparing the drinks you would like served at the party. This makes it easier and more convenient for you to prepare your cocktails and serve them to your guests with ease. At the same time, renting the machines is more affordable as compared to buying the machine yourself, especially if you rarely host a party.

With the right party hire service, you can make your party one to remember. Depending on where you get your rental service for the frozen drinks from, you can also enjoy other perks like a photo booth, jukebox machine, and several other party essentials. With these services, you can organize a party like a professional event planner.

Do you plan to host a party in Melbourne? You need to check out the best frozen cocktail machine hire Melbourne has today, like Wow Party Hire. You can visit their website at They specialize in supplying your party with all the essentials you need to get the party going – from catering supplies, to party equipment, to jukebox machine, to a photo booth, you name it! A cocktail hire can take things to the next level as cocktail drinks are essential to a fun party experience. You can contact them via email or give them a call if you would like to make an inquiry on any of their services.

The New Fundraising Trend with Silicone Wristbands

Party & Events

With the advent of the Internet, many fundraising events have been organized with ease.  There are many people who have compassionate hearts, whether the cause of the fundraising was for animals, ill people or an idea. It is also firmly established that when it comes to events that attempt to raise awareness for a cause, the usage of silicone wrist bands are transformed into essential fundraising bracelets. This accessory’s popularity has some good reasons to back it up. If you are an awareness event organizer looking or a practical but great way to get more people to support your group’s cause, here are some key reasons as to why using silicone wrist bands will kick-off the event magnificently.

These custom made wristbands are inexpensive.

You started the fundraising event in the hopes of collecting more funds for those in need, right? So it is only logical to make sure the expenses of actually starting the event is kept to a minimum. Aside from getting more profit in your pocket, you need to make sure that the awareness campaign can also call the attention of as many people as possible. If you can have these wristbands customized, people in the fundraising campaign will wholeheartedly buy them for a good price since they’re going to help the cause. These wristbands cost only some cents, and you can sell them for dollars. In short, it is a simple but effective way of making the most out of your event’s expenses.

Most people find wearing these elastic bracelets pleasant and cool.

These wristbands are multi-functional. They help the cause or charity, they are durable enough and they can be worn by both your male and female audiences. This just means that if you sell them at your event, people will already love to buy and wear them. These facts make wristbands easy to sell.

It can be a great bonus giveaway for your event’s merchandise.

If you’re looking into getting a bigger profit thru selling other merchandise such as t-shirts, bags, or posters, you can pair a souvenir wristband along the items, too. This will lead to more customer gratification. This can also mean free wristband advertising for your cause. It is also more likely that your previous customers will bring potential new supporters to your fundraising event. Customizing and giving out bonus wristband freebies will help you build your brand while supporting the cause.

These silicone wrist bands are durable enough to last a long time.

Wristbands can either be debossed, embossed or ink filled. They will last longer compared to other cheap alternatives, and this means a longer possible duration for your fundraising event. Silicone wristbands are perfect since they can last long enough to remind the owner that he or she supported in an event that helped a great cause. Take a look at Wristband Monkey.

The perfect awareness campaign is one that makes a decent profit for the cause while getting a lot of people to raise their awareness. These customized wristbands are very personal in a sense that they carry your imprinted message to spread constant mindfulness on the issue you believe is significant. Visit today!