Thursday, June 4

Practical Considerations You Need to Make When Buying an Engagement Ring

Purchasing an engagement ring may seem one of the most romantic acts.  However, there are tons of considerations that should accompany it. Even if you are the romantic kind of person, buying a nice engagement ring is not a walk in the park. Purchasing the ring combines practicality with pure emotion.  It entails selecting a sign of love to the girl who has in one way or the other transformed your life. Here are practical considerations you need to make while buying Melbourne engagement rings for your special someone.

Consider Her Lifestyle

The ring you buy her will remain on her finger daily for many years or for her entire life.  She may not want to remove the ring as she goes for work, hobbies or sports. You, therefore, need to think how the ring you buy will fit her daily activities. For instance, if her job involves taking care of people such as a physical therapist, nurse or a teacher, or involve working with her hand a lot, look for a ring that does not have elevated diamonds.

Her Personal Style

Think of her wardrobe. What is her favorite style when at work, hanging out at her house or in a social setting? Look at her preferred type of jewelry, shoes, fabrics, patterns and color.  This may be tricky as many women prefer to pick and choose. However, your girl may have a specific style that she loves most. If you have a gist of her preferred style, your jeweler should assist you to pick a ring that fits her style.

Your Budget

In case you have no idea of how much Melbourne engagement rings costs, you are in for a surprise.  Most rings are priced higher than you may imagine. The good news is that the cost varies, thus, you can find a ring that suits your budget.  Before choosing any ring, have a rough idea of the amount you can spend on it, without emptying your bank.  Do not risk getting into marriage with engagement ring debt to pay. Do your calculations well to avoid getting into financial constraints.

Her Ring Size

You may dismiss this as a small detail. However, it is a factor you cannot undertake. It is practically impossible to have the engagement ring resized irrespective of its type.  You may also be disappointed, or somehow anticlimactic to send back the right one to the seller after you have proposed.  If you would love to know her size without her finding out, you can borrow the ring she puts on her left finger and push it into a wet piece of clay to get a precise size.


An engagement ring is a small thing that is worth a lot. You must, therefore, consider the loss you incur if it is lost, damaged or disappear in a strange way.  Buy the ring from a seller who offers you a warranty, and include insurance cost in your total budget.

The above are tips to help you buy the best engagement ring for your fiance in waiting. With the right information, choosing the right Melbourne engagement rings should not be a hard nut to crack. Proposing to the woman you love should be an experience to anticipate and not dread.