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Steps to Follow After a Construction Accident

Each day, a number of construction activities take place in various states. It is the responsibility of contractors or construction managers to ensure that workers and passers-by within these sites are safe from any form of harm. Yet as it is, accidents still happen. While at certain times workers escape with a few injuries, at other instances, there are fatalities. Whatever the case, it is important for workers to get construction accident information to know what to do in case of any eventuality.


Construction Accident information


Common Causes of Construction Accidents


A number of reasons lead to construction accidents. These include:


  • Faulty Equipment – Contractors should inspect all working tools and equipment before beginning work. However, this is sometimes ignored, leading to injuries. Every worker should be armed with construction accident information so that in the event that an injury is as a result of faulty equipment, the next step is well known.


  • Poor Weather Conditions – At times contractors insist that construction workers be at the sites even during bad weather. This mostly happens when strict deadlines have to be met. All workers need to be filled in with construction accident information in case they lose limbs or are hurt when working in bad weather. This could help them obtain sufficient compensation to help their families cope during the tough times after an injury.


  • Falls – A number of construction injuries is often from falls. The extent of injury may be determined by the height and the object one lands on after the fall.


  • Falling Objects – Working tools and debris can fall on a worker leading to injuries.


  • Toxic Substances – Using certain chemicals in construction sites can lead to injuries in case they explode.


Steps to Follow After a Construction Injury


What should you do when you suffer a construction injury?


  • Get Medical Advice – Knowing the extent of injury is only possible after a medical examination from a qualified medical attendant.


  • Write a Report – When armed with the medical report, it is important to write a report on what happened and give it to the employer. This is a requirement by law. When doing this, a victim should give all the details that can be remembered. A copy of the medical report can be attached with the report.


  • Seek an Attorney’s Assistance – Most employers usually offer just a little compensation and may even ask a victim to report back on duty sooner than should be. To obtain the right amount of benefits, getting a lawyer to be of help is very necessary.


What Could a Lawyer Do for You?


  • Help with the filing of a case to receive fair compensation.


  • Consultation – A victim will appreciate lawyer information on car accidents if this happens at the workplace or elsewhere.


  • Provision of Legal Options – A variety of options are available to workers but very few are aware of these. Seeking a lawyer’s services may help shed light.


  • Handle the Paperwork – Seeking justice for an injured person takes plenty of time and even resources. Letting a competent person handle this on one’s behalf could take pressure off one’s shoulders.


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